3 free hospitality (“Omotenashi”) services

At our hotel, we offer three hospitality services to express our gratitude to our guests.
All are provided free.

lit Chazuke

Before bed, how about having a light meal with Chazuke?
You can enjoy lit Chazuke by choosing your favorite toppings in the soup broth made with Miyakojima Namaribushi (a primary processed food made of raw bonito, which is cut, steamed, and boiled).

From 21:30 to 23:00

Welcome Drink

In the lounge, we prepare a welcome drink service. Lemonade made from Miyakojima lemon or sanpin tea (Okinawa Jasmine).

From 15:30 to 21:00


Small gifts like face masks for UV-damaged skin and bath salts for a comfortable bath.


The "HIYORI HOTELS & RESORTS" brand theme developed by Sun Frontier Hotel Management Co., Ltd. With a team with warm hospitality, we offer our guests a comfortable stay at the hotel.

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