Guidance about COVID-19 measures

In Tabino Hotel Lit Matsumoto, to allow our guests to stay comfortably and safely, we made the guidelines for preventing COVID-19 spread as below.

Main measures at common space, guest room, restaurant
・Please refrain from coming to the hotel if you have a fever or are not feeling well.
And at check-in we will measure the temperature and check the guest’s health status.

・Wear a mask in the common areas of the hotel.

・We set acrylic boards at the front desk for droplet infection prevention.
・We sanitize regularly at the spots where guests touch often such as door knobs, chairs, tables, tv remote control, buttons at elevators, and so on.
・We set sanitisers at lobby, front, restaurants, and so on.

・For payments and delivery of the room key, a small tray will be used.

・In oder to ensure social distance from other guests. Limit the number of guests at the front desk, restaurants, elevator and lobby.

・You can check the congestion status of the public bath on the TV in your room.
In addition to avoiding congestion and reducing stress while waiting, it also helps in preventing the spread of coronavirus, so you can use it safely and comfortably.

Measures for staff

・All of our staff check temperatures before starting work, and if it is higher than 37.5˚C or 1˚C higher than their normal temperatures or if they feel sick, we let them stay home.

・All staff wear a mask or a face guard.

・We arrange the shifts of working time for our staff to avoid busy hours of commuting time.

・We instruct our staff to avoid unnecessary outings including business trip, and joining for events.

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